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Your resume is the first thing which hits the recruiters eyes even before he meets you , It should be simple,crisp and clear one and consists of all your skills in a detailed manner. A good resume gets you 20% cleared through an interview

 Use good quality paper for your resume. After all you are describing your years of hard-earned education and experience. Always value yourself.

Never send a badly duplicated photocopy of your resume. Even if you have to send a photocopy ideally use a good copier and executive bond paper or other similar quality.

Always remember to put your mobile number; if possible give an alternate number.

 As a fresher, the section you should describe the most is your academics & any other workshops, internships, seminars etc. where you have gained more knowledge about the skills you are interested in. Ideally display the knowledge you have. All details should be point wise & easy to understand without spending too much time.

* Rate your technical skill sets either by star or any mathematical figures.

* Highlight the projects you have done. Make it in detail but to the point. Recruiters would be interested to know if you have done a self-project and which can be identified in your way of description

* ideally restrict your resume to not more than one page. After all you should have some matter to talk about during your interview.

* Check for spelling errors and grammatical mistake before you take a final copy of your resume as even a small error could cause an embarrassing situation for you.

Remember to mention any awards or recognition earned by you during your academics.

* If you are a fresher than stress more on your education section and also mention other additional qualification in detail. Give a brief description about projects and extra-curricular activities undertaken by you.

* Include sections like languages known, hobbies and interests, extra-curricular activities, your positive points in brief.

* Remember to include the exact time spent in each company supported by dates. Also give dates of completing each degree.

* Having a photograph on your resume is a good idea. There is no hard-and-fast rule that a resume should or should not have a photograph.

Select a simple font with appropriate font size to give clarity and legibility to your precious CV.

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August 17, 2017

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