Why should I learn Programming Languages?

Why should I learn Programming Languages?



Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.

This question would have been in the mind of every individual, including me. The reason to learn a programming language is definitely to get a job that to in a well reputed company. This is the reason why people opt for programming language.

But actually speaking, a programming language is not just a key to get a job it also teaches us to learn in a self-structured manner and makes you to think logically.

It enhances your “thinking skills” and “make you a better person”. Learning to program can make you more effective, productive and efficient. There are so many programming languages over the world.

The fundamental programming language is C, since almost all programming languages nowadays are themselves implemented in C, knowing C basically gives you a free ticket to know all programming languages. C is the mother of all Programming Languages.

Programming Languages on Demand:


  • First comes JavaScript, it is used literally everywhere on the internet.
  • It’s like oxygen for the Web Developers, without JavaScript nearly all the websites will be as un cool as ever.
  • JavaScript is a client and server-side computer scripting language.



  • Java, a popular and versatile open-source language, it has been around for over 20 years and is now virtually omnipresent.
  • “Java is in everything”, from your computer from phone to the Curiosity Rover on Mars”.
  • Java’s popularity is further bolstered by the fact it drives Android, the world’s most widely-used operating system.



There are so many Programming Languages, in which these are most popular .Every language has its own style and feature, which one you are going to pick ..? It all depends on your interest and knowledge. But learning a programming language is not at all a ban. It literally makes you think more and more.


Hope this blog inspires you to embrace change and grow. Whether you are an XPLORER or not, feel free to glance through our blogs and help us guide and support you in your voyage to success. Happy Learning!

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