How many times have you thought of a personal computer you could carry in your pocket? Well Raspberry Pi is one such PC of your dreams. RPi is a single-board, low cost, high performance computer. RPi is a fully programmable PC resembling close to a credit card sized circuit running on open source Linux Operating System. Connect it to any display unit and other peripherals and voila! you will have your code running .There are two models of the device Model-A and Model-B, the only difference between both the models is an additional USB port and Ethernet port in model B.

Raspberry Pi comes without peripheral or internal storage devices like display unit, keyboard, hard disk, mouse. RPi’s storage space can be expanded using external hard drive, though it will need an SD card to boot the OS. RPi was designed for Linux OS, Linux distributions has different versions optimized for RPi. Two popular OS are Raspbian and Pidora based on Debian and Fedora OS. For beginners NOOBS would be easier to use, known as New Out Of the Box Software. The micro PC has ARM CPU/GPU for computational and graphics handling processes. It has GPIO input/output pins, RCA jack ,3.55mm jack for audio output, Led lights, USB port Model A has 1 and Model B has 2, HDMI port, 5v micro USB power connector, SD card slot (containing OS), Ethernet only available for Model B. Additional features like Wi-Fi , audio-in can be added using an USB hub.


The main motto of RPi was to get any age group involved in programming and run self-created programs for gamers, artists, web designers and many more. Raspbian OS which is booted through the SD card is based on Debian Software, Raspbian uses PIXELS (Pi Improved Xwindows Environment Lightweight) as its latest desktop environment. The Raspbian has inbuilt programming tools, search engine and other utilities.

The recent version is Raspbian 8.0 (“Jessie”) with rich tools than previous versions. It has inbuilt

BlueJ: an IDE for JAVA.

Geany: IDE for almost every programming language (HTML, JAVA, Python, C, PHP, PERL, Pascal)

Greenfoot: another IDE for JAVA, Mathematica: IDE for Wolfram language, Node-RED: open source tool for wiring together hardware devices, API’s and online services, Python: IDE for python language

Scratch: a programming language for beginners (to develop stories, animations, games).

Wolfram Language: a multi paradigm programming language

Sonic Pi: open source live coding music synthesizer

Chrome: search engine

Here is a simple snake game using Python program and running on Python IDE using turtle (snake game).

Raspberry Pi is good for:

    1. Teaching kids to program
    2. Convert an old PC into an efficient machine
    3. Make a retro gaming console
    4. Homeland security adding sensors externally
    5. IOT development
    6. Home Automation

Hope that the brief introduction to Raspberry Pi would get you into programming mode. Happy Programming!!


Hope this blog inspires you to embrace change and grow. Whether you are an XPLORER or not, feel free to glance through our blogs and help us guide and support you in your voyage to success. Happy Learning!


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