#1 Genymotion

Anyone who is familiar with the default Android Emulator will know that starting the emulator and running an app can be an extremely slow and tedious processGenymotion solves this problem by providing a free (for personal uses) hardware accelerated Android emulator which is screaming fast.

Genymotion virtual devices support various Android API levels and work seamlessly with Android Studio. Download it ASAP, it will save you a lot of time.

##2 Fluid UI App Prototyping

Fluid UI is a neat web-based mobile storyboarding and prototyping tool which allows you to rapidly assemble native-looking mock-ups. The paid version starts at around $10 / month and unlocks the ability to share clickable prototypes and PDFs of your creations with others. It’s free to try and is an affordable, mobile-specific alternative to many of the other prototyping tools out there. Check it out today.

##3 AppIconSizes.com

At some point during your mobile application development process you are going to need icons, splash screens and other default Android graphicsAppIconSizes.com will help you auto-magically generate all of your needed files (including landscape and portrait versions) from a single image as well as produce the correct folder structure Android requires. Once created, you can download, unzip and copy the resulting icons and splash images into your Android Studio project. Simple, easy, free and time saving.

##4 Acorn 4 from Flying Meat Software

Skip if you aren’t developing on a Mac.

It is not uncommon for mobile developer to need to modify images and PNG files. Acorn 4 is the best, most affordable way I have yet found to do that.

Alternative image editors cost hundreds of dollars and may require yearly paid subscriptions. Acorn 4 costs ~$50 and you own it forever.

So support indie developers (and save a lot of money on image editing software): download the Acorn 4 trial today.

##5 Ubertesters.com

Does your mobile application have usability bugs? Does it use location based services? Do you work on a team that has many developers where you need to manage app versions? You will need some kind of app testing and distribution service…Ubertesters.com can help out.

The thing that makes Ubertesters stand out from industry competitors like TestFlight is their handy in-app “feedback widget.” Once you integrate the Ubertesters SDK, a pair of floating buttons will appear inside your app which, when tapped on, reveal controls for performing a variety of tasks including: Annotating screen shots, writing bug reports and running tests from INSIDE your running mobile app. Go check it out, its free to try.

##6 Help From An Android Expert

Last but not least, get help from an XIC expert who has developed and launched Android applications in the past! Obviously, we are a bit biased, but some things are just hard to find on Google, and XIC, in turn, can really help you out.

Hope this blog inspires you to embrace change and grow. Whether you are an XPLORER or not, feel free to glance through our blogs and help us guide and support you in your voyage to success. Happy Learning!



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