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Hacking often refers to the unauthorized intrusion into a network or computer; normally carried out by one or more “hackers.” However, a hacker can be anyone. They can be an individual like you or me.  They can work solo or be employed by an organization that has the motive to disrupt something or cause havoc–unnecessarily. Often, they look to alter security systems to achieve their goal, which differs from the actual purpose of the system. There are also many organizations who hire hackers as a part of their staff. These hackers use their skills to find flaws, vulnerable areas, and weak spots in the organization’s security system. This is done to find and fix the weaknesses and prevent malicious hackers from breaking in the security system.

Xplore IT Corp has been implementing many courses related to Ethical Hacking and Information Security such as EC Council Certified Ethical Hacking Training, EC Council Certified Security Analyst, Licensed Penetration Tester, and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator in Coimbatore. The Certified Ethical Hacker training (CEHV10) is the most trusted and respected ethical hacking training program that any information security professional will need. EC Council Certified Ethical Hacking training is used as a hiring standard and is core sought-after certification by many of the IT organizations, governments and cybersecurity practices. Thousands of Information Security professionals as well as fresh graduates have taken the EC Council Certification and gainfully employed with successful careers. In Coimbatore, there is a large group of potential group of job seekers who are seeking to enter IT industry will have various opportunities in Information security. Xplore IT Corp will be the destination for the students for gaining knowledge in pursuit of excellence which is an EC Council authorized Ethical Hacking training Provider in Coimbatore. Cost effectiveness, flexibility, and value based delivery of courses makes Xplore IT Corp stand out in IT Training industry.

Ethical hacking becomes important since the latest technology advancements, hacking is not only restricted to corporates or governments. According to latest researches more 7800 websites get hacked every day. Xplore IT Corp brings you the most valuable and appreciated training program which will help you to secure any information or systems from any hacking attacks. This course acts as the foundation stone in your career to be a Cyber Security or Information Security professional. We provide all the hacking techniques or tools with real time demonstration which will give you a practical approach and to ethical hacking training.

The certifies Ethical Hacking course (CEH V10)earlier V9 course will train you on the advanced methodologies that hackers use globally, such as writing codes and reverse engineering so you can better protect corporate infrastructure from data breaches. You’ll master advanced network packet analysis, securing web servers, malware threats and advanced system penetration testing techniques to build your network security skillset and beat hackers at their own game.

Ethical Hacking Training in Coimbatore

Key features of Ethical Hacking Training (CEH V10)

Xplore IT Corp’s Ethical Hacking Course will expand your knowledge of network, web and mobile app security and prepare you to identify threats and vulnerabilities.

Ethical Hacking in coimbatore

This course will help you:

• Grasp the step-by-step methodology and tactics that hackers use to penetrate network systems

• Understand the finer nuances of trojans, backdoors and countermeasures

• Get a better understanding of IDS, firewalls, honeypots and wireless hacking

• Master advanced hacking concepts, including mobile device and smartphone hacking, writing virus codes, exploit writing & reverse engineering and corporate espionage

• Gain expertise on advanced concepts such as advanced network packet analysis, securing IIS & Apache web servers, Windows system administration using Powershell, and hacking SQL and Oracle databases

• Cover the latest developments in mobile and web technologies including Andriod, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and HTML 5

• Learn advanced log management for information assurance and allow you to manage information security with more clarity

The Certified Ethical Hacking Training (CEH) is best suited for:

• Network security officers and practitioners

• Site administrators

• IS/IT specialist, analyst or manager

• IS/IT auditor or consultant

• IT operations manager

• IT security specialist, analyst, manager, architect or administrator

• IT security officer, auditor or engineer

• Network specialist, analyst, manager, architect, consultant or administrator

• Technical support engineer

• Senior systems engineer

• Systems analyst or administrator

CEH Certification

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification will enhance your ability to assess and analyze computer systems security to protect your corporate infrastructure. The exam code for CEH certification (version 10) is 312-50 and tests your capabilities in using penetration testing tools to evaluate computer systems and network security and implementing the special techniques of ethical hacking. Xplore IT Corp is the authorized training partner of EC Council in Coimbatore where you can complete your ethical hacking training and appear for certification.

Why CEH is so desirable to do in Xplore IT Corp

Coimbatore has many institutions who provide Ethical Hacking but Xplore IT Corp is the only place where you could find technical expertise. We have trainers who have multiple domain knowledge and who is best in the industry which makes Xplore IT corp the best training center to learn ethical hacking training in Coimbatore.  The EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking course verifies your advanced security skillsets to thrive in the worldwide information security domain. Many IT departments have made CEH certification a compulsory qualification for security-related posts, making it a go-to certification for security professionals. And CEH-certified professionals typically earn 44 percent higher salaries than their non-certified peers.

The ethical hacking certification course opens up numerous career advancement opportunities, preparing you for a role as a computer network defense (CND) analyst, CND infrastructure support, CND incident responder, CND auditor, forensic analyst, intrusion analyst, security manager and other related high-profile roles.

Who are our instructors and how are they selected?

All of our highly qualified trainers are CEH (v10) certified with at least 10 years of experience in ethical hacking training and working in the areas of cyber security and IT services and Embedded Systems. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process that includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating remain on our faculty.

About Xplore IT Corp

XIC is home to several global certified trainers who are subject matter experts in their respective domains. XIC has Vast experienced resources who are top experts including that of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Novell, EC Council, Adobe, among others.

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