XIC is one of the Best Python training center Coimbatore. This freshers training course is a combination of practical training, rigorous evaluation and industry coaching. It has helped hundreds of freshers to get genuine job placements.

    Learning environment:

    • Practical approach: 70% of the time you will be doing hands-on programming.
    • Best-in class mentors: With real-time industry experience.
    • Project oriented approach: Work on 7 to 8 real-time industry standard projects.

    NOTE: The course content listed above is a representative outline and is subject to change at short notice in compliance with the current industry demands.

    Course Curriculum

    C Programming-Brush ups
    Python Scripting
    Introduction to python Details 00:00:00
    Decisions & Loops Details 00:00:00
    String manipulation Details 00:00:00
    Lists Details 00:00:00
    Tuple Details 00:00:00
    Dictionaries Details 00:00:00
    Functions Details 00:00:00
    Modules Details 00:00:00
    Input-Output Details 00:00:00
    Exception Handling(python) Details 00:00:00
    Advanced Python
    OOPs concept Details 00:00:00
    Regular expressions Details 00:00:00
    CGI Details 00:00:00
    Understanding database Details 00:00:00
    Networking fundamentals Details 00:00:00
    Multithreading Details 00:00:00
    GUI Programming Details 00:00:00
    Python web app development with Django
    Introduction to Django Details 00:00:00
    About the 3 core files Details 00:00:00
    Crawling The WEB Details 00:00:00
    Open computer vision machine learning Details 00:00:00
    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    Course Project

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    XIC is home to several global certified trainers who are subject matter experts in their respective domains. XIC has Vast experienced resources who are top experts including that of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, Novell, EC Council, Adobe, among others.

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