Data Science is arguably the number one career choice today.

Are you one of the many that dreams of becoming a data scientist but not knowing where to begin?

Here is a good news for you from us at Xplore IT Corp to kick start your journey by facilitating with the best data science training course in the market, while we hand-hold you to take a leap in manifesting your dream career by laying a firm foundation with our stellar data science coaching classes.

Stay curious and let’s Xplore together!

Data Science Training at Xplore IT Corp

Data Science Training at Xplore IT Corp is a Certified Skilled Diploma program certified by the JainX- skill division of Jain University. The duration of the program is about 3 months where you would brush up your programming skills and learn from the basics of python coding. Our program is incorporated with Python coding, python frameworks training inclusive of Django and Flask, Data Libraries of python, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning. By providing such a vast curriculum, we intend give the student the extreme knowledge of the domain and hence to improve his/her employ-ability chances.

Our curriculum is framed by panel of industry experts and periodically updated for latest updates. Large number of real world scenarios are incorporated with the program so that the student get the knowledge of where data science applies and how data science could make a difference in IT industry. These days most of the tech companies driven by handling large amount of data where Data Science professional makes the job easy and hence companies keep track even tiny bit of data every day. Industry has a huge skill gap in the segment and more skilled professionals are expected to join the stream soon.

Why Data Science Training at Xplore IT Corp

Well, there are numerous reasons to list to choose Xplore IT Corp as your career partner. The first reason should be the curriculum. We have the finest curriculum at an affordable pricing which meets all the industry criteria to make you credible as a Data Science Professional. The curriculum has derived by a panel of industry experts who has the widest knowledge and experience in the domain.

We go from the basics to the most advanced concepts to make you an eligible job seeker in the category. The second reason must be our panel of  Trainers, Xplore It Corp ensure the quality of trainers by evaluating them periodically. All the trainers possess international and domestic working experience in IT industry and have the capability to make any student a pro at what they doing.

And moreover this is a certified diploma program provided by the skill department of Jain University- which mould them as an eligible certified professional to fly and reach their dream. When many online and offline learning programs cost a few lakh, this program may find you affordable and reasonable.

What will be learnt in Data Science Course

In a growing digital world Data is creating a buzz in and every field on can think of. With an increasing amount of information everyday and that too in the form of unstructured data and we need to convert it in to relevant insights. In this program we learn about data science and understand to create a route map to become a data science professional.

Data Science can be defined as the process of extracting the relevant insights from large amount of raw data. To know the whole process you need to understand python coding since python has the most used libraries to convert the raw data in to valuable information. Also understanding of artificial intelligence machine learning will help the student to create and define their own data libraries according to their needs. Hence on wants to go deeper and learn the wider aspects of data science then they need to understand every technology connected to python. Our program covers all the above aspects.

Course Highlights:

Well updated curriculum which meets the current industry requirements

Lectures from Expert Faculties

Interactions with peer network and professionals

Outcome based training model

Training based on Real world scenarios and projects.

Certification from an accredited university.

Target Audience

At Xplore IT Corp, the learning path is designed by the best in the industry and suitable for learners with technical as well as non-technical backgrounds offering you just what you need by providing lethal weapons to master the most sought after skills and gets you an assured career success with hands-on learning experience from industry experts who acts as your guiding light throughout your journey to success.

Perfect fit for Freshers to start career

Freshers who want to start career as a Data Scientist which is the most attractive job of this era.

Professionals who work in other domains

Developers/ Associate Engineers

Associates from IT industry

Key Takeaways

The Data Science course by Xplore IT Corp moves from the basic principles to advanced techniques, tools and languages including statistics, data analysis, modelling, data visualization, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, SQL, R and python and much more. As you complete each session we help you practice and perfect your skills so you gain real mastery with industry aligned projects and unleash your creativity paired with your technical expertise to solve real business problem which in turn helps you build and secure your dream job.

Hands on knowledge in Python Programming, data science, and machine learning models.

Major accumulation of data libraries and concepts used in building real world applications.

A Valid Diploma Certification

Scope and opportunities Present in Future

Due to the increasing demand of Data Science the job opportunities in the market are in abundance. Besides data scientist, other job titles related to this domain are Data Analyst, Data Engineers, Business Analyst etc. We live in a digital era and the data plays a vital role as an asset to any firm. A bulk amount of data is generated every second and it needs to be analyzed and processed in each passing minute. Thus, the huge demand of Data Scientist increases in any company be it OTT platforms, automobile companies or e commerce platforms.

Data science is a concept to integrate statistics, informatics and analysis to convert an abstract from vast raw data. Mathematics, Computer science and information technology contribute to data science. Our Subject matter experts have designed the best curriculum which can make the students best among the best.

Diploma Program which covers python, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data science comprehensively.

A well updated, industry endorsed curriculum framed by experts.

Experienced and well-equipped faculties

Focuses on programming, algorithms, and learning real world AI applications using machine learning models.

Certification from JainX – Jain University approved by UGC

So, begin today to realize your dream tomorrow with Xplore IT Corp’s best data science training course, the very best in the market.


C & C++ Programming

⦁ History
⦁ Features
⦁ Setting up path
⦁ Working with Python scripts
⦁ Basic Syntax
⦁ Variables and Data Types in scripting
⦁ Operators

⦁ If, If- else, Nested if-else statements
⦁ For, While loops
⦁ Nested loops
⦁ Control Statements

⦁ Accessing Strings
⦁ Basic Operations
⦁ String slices
⦁ Function and Methods

⦁ Accessing list
⦁ Operations
⦁ Working with lists
⦁ Function and Methods

⦁ Accessing tuples
⦁ Operations
⦁ Working
⦁ Functions and Methods

⦁ Accessing values in dictionaries
⦁ Working with dictionaries
⦁ Properties
⦁ Functions

⦁ Defining a function
⦁ Calling a function
⦁ Types of functions
⦁ Function Arguments
⦁ Anonymous functions
⦁ Global and local variables

⦁ Importing module
⦁ Math module
⦁ Random module
⦁ Packages
⦁ Composition

⦁ Printing on screen
⦁ Reading data from keyboard
⦁ Opening and closing file
⦁ Reading and writing files
⦁ Functions

⦁ Exception
⦁ Exception Handling
⦁ Except clause
⦁ Try ? finally clause
⦁ User Defined Exceptions

⦁ Class and object
⦁ Attributes
⦁ Inheritance
⦁ Overloading
⦁ Overriding
⦁ Data hiding

⦁ Match function
⦁ Search function
⦁ Matching VS Searching
⦁ Modifiers
⦁ Patterns

⦁ Architecture
⦁ CGI environment variable
⦁ GET and POST methods
⦁ Cookies
⦁ File upload

⦁ Connections
⦁ Executing queries
⦁ Transactions
⦁ Handling error

⦁ Socket
⦁ Socket Module
⦁ Methods
⦁ Client and server
⦁ Internet modules

⦁ Thread
⦁ Starting a thread
⦁ Threading module
⦁ Synchronizing threads
⦁ Multithreaded Priority Queue

⦁ Tkinter Programming
⦁ Tkinter widgets
⦁ Mail Communication in python scripts


⦁ What is Django?
⦁ DRY programming: Don’t Repeat Yourself
⦁ How to get and install Django

⦁ Setting up database connections
⦁ Managing Users & the Django admin tool
⦁ Django URL Patterns and Views
⦁ Designing a good URL scheme
⦁ Generic Views
⦁ Django Forms
⦁ Form classes
⦁ Validation & Authentication
⦁ Advanced Forms processing techniques
⦁ Unit Testing with Django
⦁ Using Python’s unittest2 library
⦁ Test
⦁ Test Databases

⦁ Scrapy – Overview
⦁ Scrapy – Environment
⦁ Scrapy – Spiders
⦁ Scrapy – Item Pipelines
⦁ Scrapy – Link Extractors
⦁ Scrapy – various output consoles
⦁ Define item
⦁ First spider project
⦁ Crawling Content
⦁ Extracting item
⦁ Scraped data

⦁ What is Flask?
⦁ Flask – Overview
⦁ Flask – Environment
⦁ Flask – Application
⦁ Flask – Routing
⦁ Flask – Variable Rules
⦁ Flask – URL Building
⦁ Flask – SQLite
⦁ Flask – SQLAlchemy

⦁ The core: Image – load, convert, and save
⦁ Smoothing Filters A – Average, Gaussian
⦁ Smoothing Filters B – Median, Bilateral
⦁ OpenCV 3 with Python
⦁ Image – OpenCV BGR: MatplotLIB
⦁ Basic image operations – pixel access
⦁ iPython – Signal Processing with NumPy
⦁ Signal Processing with NumPy I – FFT and DFT for sine, square waves, unitpulse, and random signal
⦁ Signal Processing with NumPy II – Image Fourier Transform: FFT & DFT
⦁ Inverse Fourier Transform of an Image with low pass filter: cv2.idft()
⦁ Image Histogram
⦁ Video Capture and Switching colour spaces – RGB / HSV
⦁ Adaptive Thresholding – Otsu’s clustering-based image thresholding
⦁ Edge Detection – Sobel and Laplacian Kernels
⦁ Canny Edge Detection
⦁ Hough Transform – Circles
⦁ Watershed Algorithm: Marker-based Segmentation I
⦁ Watershed Algorithm: Marker-based Segmentation II
⦁ Image noise reduction: Non-local Means denoising algorithm
⦁ Image object detection: Face detection using Haar Cascade Classifiers
⦁ Image segmentation – Foreground extraction Grabcut algorithm based on graph cuts
⦁ Image Reconstruction – Inpainting (Interpolation) – Fast Marching Methods
⦁ Video: Mean shift object tracking

⦁ Installation
⦁ Features and feature extraction – iris dataset
⦁ Machine Learning Quick Preview
⦁ Data Preprocessing I – Missing / Categorical data
⦁ Data Preprocessing II – Partitioning a dataset / Feature Scaling / Feature Selection / Regularization
⦁ Data Preprocessing III – Dimensionality Reduction vs Sequential Feature Selection / Assessing Feature importance via random forests
⦁ Data Compression via Dimensionality Reduction I – Principal component analysis (PCA)
⦁ Data Compression via Dimensionality Reduction II – Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)
⦁ Data Compression via Dimensionality Reduction III – Nonlinear mappings via kernel principal component (KPCA) analysis
⦁ Logistic Regression, Overfitting & regularization
⦁ Supervised Learning & Unsupervised Learning – e.g. Unsupervised PCA dimensionality reduction with iris dataset
⦁ Unsupervised Learning – KMeans clustering with iris dataset
⦁ Linearly Separable Data – Linear Model & (Gaussian) radial basis function kernel (RBF kernel)
⦁ Decision Tree Learning I – Entropy, Gini, and Information Gain
⦁ Decision Tree Learning II – Constructing the Decision Tree
⦁ Random Decision Forests Classification
⦁ Support Vector Machines (SVM)


⦁ Serializing with pickle & DB setup
⦁ Basic Flask App
⦁ Embedding Classifier
⦁ Deploy
⦁ Updating the Classifier

  • Batch Gradient Algorithm
  • Perceptron model on the Iris Dataset using Heaviside step Activation Function
  • Batch Gradient Descent Vs Stochastic Gradient Descent
  • Adaptive Linear Neuron using linear activation function with – batch gradient descent method
  • Adaptive Linear Neuron using linear activation function with – stochastic gradient descent (SGD)
  • Logistic Regression
  • VC (Vapnik-Chervonenkis) Dimension & Shatter
  • Bias – Variance trade-off
  • Maximum Likelihood Estimation (MLE)
  • Neural Networks with backpropagation for XOR using one hidden layer
  • minHash
  • tf-idf weight
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    1. Sentiment Analysis
    2. IMDb & bag-of-words
    3. Tokenization, Stemming & stop words
    4. Training & Cross-Validation
    5. Out-of-Core
  • Locality-Sensitive Hashing (LSH) using Cosine Distance (Cosine Similarity)
  • Forward propagation
  • Gradient descent
  • Backpropagation of errors
  • Checking Gradient
  • Training via BFGS
  • Overfitting & Regularization
  • Deep Learning
  • Image Recognition (Image Uploading)
  • Image Recognition (Image Classification)
  • Theano, TensorFlow & Keras


The duration of this course will be 2-3 Months, with 2-hour sessions each day.


Certification from JAIN University can be availed

Faculty Credential

Our Star faculty Mr. Gobinath A and Mr. Chandramohan, who are senior mos faculties of our team having relevant industry experience in IT industry is handling the program. Their major strength is the unique combination of skill-set with many global certifications in Embedded Systems, IOT, Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science now at your service.


The duration of the course is 90 days.

Programming knowledge and knowledge in mathematics is necessary. And, if you are a fresher, you may choose the whole package to learn from scratch to advanced which will help propel your growth by laying a firm foundation..

Our Data Science Coaching classes is a combination involving hands-on sessions for each theory part, enabling you to put learning into practice. Overall, 80% of the sessions runs practically and remaining sessions are theoretical explanations of the concepts, which is unavoidable.

Placement support will be provided as and when the requirements are available as per the industry demand. Python is the top most hiring platform where companies of all levels recruit freshers PAN India.

Yes, but on very limited batches. You need to contact our office for batch information.

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