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FIVE Learning Tips to Pass in CCNA Certification Exam

The Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, is the international IT security certification and the most reliable certification in the globe. It will increase the professional career with better jobs and higher scale.

The CCNA certification makes an individual mould and knows to configure, operate and troubleshoot switched and routed networks.

Here now we can help the students who prepared for their CCNA certification and here we can see some tips and tricks and some fresh strategies to learn CCNA and how to handle in the exam.

1. Practical Experience is a vital role

According to the CCNA exam, you should be secure in both theory and practical knowledge. When you are preparing for the review, you should be capable of handling the real-time issues what you have studied in philosophy. When you can able to implement the theory to practice the confidence is on the peak.

2. Find the Good Study Materials

In CCNA preparation you need to have the right preparing material. The best CCNA exam is the latest editions of CISCO own material: Cisco CCENT/CCNA ICND 1 and CCNA Routing and Switching ICND2. Xplore IT Corp recommends the “31 Days Before” series, also available through Cisco Unit. Always be clear in practise questions and lab exercises. Having this knowledge will help you to pass CCNA.

3. Schedule Practice Tests Periodically

Always keep on writing the practise test before your exam date. And create a deadline for yourself and monitor what you have learned in between during that time. That will help you to improve the areas where you have lacked.

4. Always Refresh Your Knowledge Right Before the Certification exam

Xplore IT Corp still recommends go-through the Cisco Press books once again before your exam date got scheduled. This will help you recharge your retention, and help you detect that anything you might have missed over the first time.

5. Give a Breather

Take yourself some relax time or a couple of days before the exams. And make your mind clear and relax. Good sleep is always the better output in the review.


The CCNA certification Will not just determine the networking success that every individual will have to create a market for themselves as a networking expert. But certificate will make you a unique personality compare to non-certified peers.

Xplore IT Corp CCNA course in Coimbatore helps to access the high quality, Self-placed learning content designed for the current industry requirement. And here you can also handle the live projects and simulated exams, In Xplore IT corp CCNA course helps you to grasp all concepts such as VLAN, LAN, and IP addressing and routing.

If you think of CCNA Training No other ideas just Call Xplore IT Corp Coimbatore the best place to do your course that change your future in the right way.

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