BIKI: First Bionic Wireless Underwater Fish Drone

The most powerful, ecological and portable wireless underwater drone. Throw it! Capture the most fantastic moments.

BIKI is the world’s first bionic underwater drone that is also the only underwater robot prominence automated balance, hindrance avoidance, and return to base. By supporting a 4K camera, BIKI presents you with the best view from underwater. BIKI, the smallest but strongest. Through this intelligent robot fish, you can visualize the underwater world from a completely new viewpoint. BIKI is not only an almighty underwater drone but also a robot pet full of emotions. Now, just tell BIKI what you want to do!

BIKI is the world’s first bionic underwater  robofish. You can swim with the camera for 90-120 minutes and at a depth of up to 196 feet.

Even during high-speed motion or in darkness, BIKI is capable of stabilizing the camera for smooth videos and sharp photos by using a HD movement camera and an anti-shake camera platform that is based on an eccentric pan & tilt head.

You got an iPhone to take a selfie. Do you also want to capture your underwater moment? Now here is BIKI. You will be able to capture the most beautiful moments in your life by shooting with BIKI’s powerful 4K camera.

You might find the tiny BIKI is shaking and shaking. Are you worried about the camera’s balance? No worry. BIKI’s balance is improved by using an unprecedented HD movement camera set and anti-shake camera platform which is based on an eccentric pan & tilt head.

Swimming with BIKI, you will never lose any details since it can capture every moment with 150° wide-angle lenses under the water.

Thinking about darkness in deep water? Do you know BIKI is equipped with 2×114 lumens lights? Now, take a BIKI and find a deep underwater world you never knew before.

In the past, traditional unmanned underwater drones made use of a propeller, which fills the underwater territory with noise – making it impossible for a drone to operate quietly in a swimming pool and accompany children.

Propeller-propelled Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

  • Noisy
  • Unsafe
  • Controlled by a wire and difficult to use
  • Large size and low efficiency
  • Costly
  • Short battery life

The idea of BIKI has arrived!

What should an underwater robot fish look like? We see fish, the freest creatures enjoying the 80 percent of the secrets on this planet. To truly bring human beings into the underwater world, we were driven to create BIKI.

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