Artificial Intelligence Training in Coimbatore

Artificial Intelligence Training in Coimbatore – The future is here

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic of debate and is gaining wide demand across industry segments. The technology has been in the trend for the past few months and with each passing day, advancements are bringing out new use cases for manufacturing, finance, and many other sectors.

With the world and India adding new AI job opportunities every day, it is time for the Indian professionals and engineering graduates to up skills in order to keep pace with the growing demand.

The future of the world seems to be in the hands of artificial intelligence. From conglomerates like Amazon and Alibaba to small startups in Tier-II towns of India, every founder is focusing on AI, on algorithms that can help their business impress customers, consumers, and investors.

In fact, AI is basically a bunch of algorithms and libraries that learn constantly and take action logically when encountering complicated tasks. It is preceded by machine learning, which is also an algorithm that understands a specific task by learning from patterns pertaining to that specific task.

More than a lakh of companies in India claim to be working on Artificial Intelligence in some form. This includes a small number of companies creating products (chatbots, visual search, and recommendation engines, etc) and a larger number offering services such as offshore software development recruitment, or training. There has been a 30 percent year-on-year increase in the number of companies setting up dedicated AI teams in India as per the sources.

Where is the Talent?

A study on the Indian AI industry indicates that more than 4000 positions remain vacant in India due to a shortage of qualified talent at the starting, mid and senior levels. This is despite the industry growing by close to 30 percent in the last year to 230$ million in size.

These opportunities do not include the array of new jobs advertised every month, the numbers refer to opportunities that have been vacant for a year.

Where is demand coming from?

The need for skilled professionals in AI has been fuelled by giants like Amazon, Alphabet, and Meta. In the annual letter to Amazon employees, this year Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said: Bigger trends are not that hard to spot, they get talked about and written about a lot) but this can be relatively hard for larger organizations to adopt the change. Were in the idle of an obvious one right now Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

AI is going to change lives. It is not going to slow down the opportunities. Every day it is creating new job opportunities for engineers or IT graduates and it’s difficult to fill these vacancies faster.

INDIA also has demand

A senior management professional from the industry says it is tough to get a good AI developers not only is there a dearth of talent but whatever talent is available is scooped up by larger cloud infrastructure companies. However, that is a good thing because they will build all the tools necessary to build AI applications which a startup cannot afford making it easier to train the freshers.

In Coimbatore there is a larger pool of students who have to come to know about the future scope of Artificial Intelligence and Xplore IT Corp is the major training provider for Artificial Intelligence Training in Coimbatore. We will teach you from scratch python programming and will give hands-on exposure to all practical methodologies required. We are one of the leaders in the training industry where you can learn from the experts themselves. The Artificial Intelligence course in Coimbatore is not available everywhere since it needs a well-equipped resource pool to train the students on AI paradigms.

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Best training center with placements

What are employers looking for?

Which are the organizations with the highest demand for AI talent? In 2021 these included IBM, Accenture, Amazon, Fractal Analytics, SAP labs, Atos, and Tech Mahindra. The skill sets required are Machine learning, natural language processing, neural networks, analytics, cloud computing, and pattern recognition.

In terms of salary packages, the average salary range of AI professionals in India is Rs.14.3lakha across all experience levels and skill sets. Forty percent of entry-level professionals draw an average of 6lakh salary. Around 4 percent command, salary trends across various industries like finance, e-commerce, and healthcare are also improving steadily. You will be eligible to apply for these positions if you are trained in Artificial Intelligence training.

A huge scope for Career Opportunities

If you’re looking for a stable, solid, and secure future, you can never go wrong with choosing Artificial Intelligence. This is recently referred to be the most promising and sought-after career after when the pandemic brought a great focus on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning careers. If you’re in search of great pay and a career, this career definitely can be chosen.

The growth of AI and machine learning jobs have increased the need for candidates to update their skill set with these technologies. Xplore IT Corp offers a Certified Skill Diploma program in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in collaboration with Jain Skills (Division of Jain University) where the candidates can learn from the programming scratch to the most advanced level of machine learning libraries. Real-world projects are also included in this where you can earn live experiences of doing AI projects. The course explores how technology evolves in time in the digital world and how industries are utilizing such evolution to tackle challenges and for innovating new products

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